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Industrial Components Supplies Somerset

Industrial Components Supplies Somerset

Britain’s industrial heritage is a source of great pride for many, and it is certainly true that in the Victorian era these Islands led the world in ingenuity and inventiveness. Since then, many other nations have had their moment in the spotlight when it comes to technological innovation. But many UK companies still proudly fly the flag for British engineering, whether their expertise lies in the manufacture of components or the assembly of finished goods. The availability of quality engineering supplies is as good here as anywhere in the world, thanks to companies like Frome Bearings and Belts Ltd of Somerset. Having access to high quality off the shelf parts can make all the difference when it comes to the viability of an engineering start up. And since this Somerset company also deal in lubricants, oil seals, belts and many other product, they are a number worth noting down for any manufacturing firm.

Bearings remain one of the most universal and irreplaceable of mechanical components. The variety of types, sizes and applications will boggle the imagination, but without these vital parts few industrial processes could continue. If you work in a factory or workshop, it is likely that every machine you encounter will make use of one or more bearings in its operation. For this reason, supplies of bearings in common sizes are easy to come by and are often quite inexpensive. In other instances, however, custom components made to very fine tolerances may be required. Frome Bearings and Belts of Somerset stock a wide range of parts and can usually find supplies of whatever components you need even if we don’t have them immediately in stock.

Drive belts for industrial machinery frequently need inspecting, and replacing if worn. Supplies of these components are usually easy to come by as they are consumables, although some sizes are rarer than others. Once again, we stock a comprehensive range at out Somerset depot. For industrial equipment requiring obsolete sizes, it is sometimes possible to make modifications so that a more common size may be used. This can be achieved using Kobo and Rosta tensioning products, for whom we are authorised distributors.

We are also official dealers for Morris Lubricants, who are industry leaders in products which protect all kinds of industrial equipment, from internal combustion engines to precision cutting tools and anything in between. With extensive supplies of most popular lines in stock at our Somerset warehouse, we are poised to respond immediately to your needs for these high quality products. We also supply many of the parts you may require to maintain the lubrication systems of your equipment, such as oil rings and hydraulic hoses.

Frome Bearings and Belts Ltd are your one call solution for industrial components supplies in Somerset and the surrounding areas. Check out our website today for more information, including lists of common products carried in stock. Or call our staff and draw on their twenty years’ engineering experience to help find a solution to your needs.