Bearing Supplies Somerset

Bearing Supplies Somerset

Frome Bearings and Belts Ltd are your one call solution for bearing supplies in Somerset and the surrounding areas. Whatever your requirements, we will be able to advise you on all issues related to bearings and the machines which rely on them. We also stock lubricants, belts, tools, oil seals and electric motors for a range of applications.

The county of Somerset has a great tradition of agriculture, and all kinds of agricultural vehicles and machines are in use in the area. Walking through the fields on a balmy summer’s day, it is possible to spot tractors, combine harvesters, cultivators, pickers, and ploughs. Every bearing in every piece of equipment needs careful maintenance if it is to perform as required. The supplies of apples to some of the world’s most famous cider manufacturers come from the celebrated orchards of the beautiful Somerset countryside, and where would our supermarkets be without regular supplies of cheddar cheese?

Engineers in the region are kept busy maintaining all this equipment, which in many cases can be in operation for up to twenty four hours a day, every day. If you are a farmer who has invested a large sum of capital in a tractor, the fastest way to recoup your investment is to have it running for as long as possible each and every day, working your land and generating profit. As soon as the tractor suffers a mechanical breakdown or succumbs to the wear and tear of the job, you want it repaired and making money again. Any down time for such an expensive piece of machinery is uneconomical, and may lead to losses due to crops spoiling. Thus, engineers who specialise in the maintenance of agricultural equipment in the county of Somerset must be prepared to be called out to a breakdown at any time of day or night. Their dedication and expertise keep the foodstuffs industry of the south west of England going.

One of the most important mechanical parts of any tractor is the Power Take Off, or PTO. This device is a shaft which runs through a bearing at the back of the vehicle and supplies the tractor’s engine power to other equipment such as ploughs and bailers. It is obvious to even the casual onlooker that a huge amount of power is being transferred through this shaft to power the related machinery. Therefore, a main bearing failure on a PTO is not only an inconvenience but may cause extensive damage to other equipment if the power is not cut immediately. A mechanic repairing such an issue could find themselves working in a muddy Somerset field in the middle of the night, far from any kind of backup or assistance. Under these circumstances, it pays to have all your tools and bearing repair supplies with you.

Frome Bearings and Belts Ltd deliver supplies to Somerset agricultural engineers all year round, and we are trusted by our clients to find and deliver the correct parts in the shortest time possible.